Serving Up Craft Cocktails

With two bar areas featuring exceptional spirits, a fantastic bourbon selection, and the highest quality home-made bitters and extracts - the Horse Inn mixes creativity and craftsmanship to serve outstanding cocktails. Be sure to ask our bartenders about the process while they craft your classic cocktail - they’ll be sure to oblige by sharing a story, an insight, or a recommendation - you can make going to the bar an educational experience! Each drink is served with a nod to our history as a speakeasy and our recipes would be equally at home in the roaring Twenties as they are today.

In an era of manufactured heritage the bar at the Horse Inn is a bona-fide authentic gem from days gone by - it looked great 90 years ago, and it looks even better now!

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Updated January 18th

Whiskey Proper

Bourbon & Rye Classic Cocktails

Recommended spirit selections

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Our Tradition

Traditional cocktails, traditional methods. *Classic cocktails that we have perfected, respected & execute with precision.

Old Friends

Horse Inn classics. Start here, finish here. *These unique offerings are creations by our team, crafted with a focus on local ingredients and quality spirits in the Horse Inn tradition.

The Season

House libations, fresh ideas. *Inspired by the season and our Horse Inn friends and family. These are the reflections of our staff's curious minds and mischievous tinkering.